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Hi! Welcome to the Turbo M.A.M.E. home page.
Current version: 0.135 Back For The Attack Edition.

News: Finally! We're back!

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What's new
  • All new mame features added
  • Game name display as redirected std out
  • New video functionality fully implemented
  • Both new and old snapshot directory structures supported
  • Added Get Hiscore.dat link
  • Support for mame 0.135 and for mameUI
  • Still the fastest and smallest on the web!
The fastest MAME front-end on the web!

Turbo MAME is a free Windows application that provides an extremely easy-to-use graphical user interface for the popular Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME).

No need to fill in settings forms or wait for memory-consuming game lists to be generated. Just unpack Turbo MAME inside your mame folder and you're ready to go! Turbo MAME is loaded with powerful features that don't get in your way of having fun.

Built-in presets are designed for optimal performance, so all you have to do is press Start and let Turbo MAME do the dirty job for you. Turbo MAME automatically picks the best MAME options for any game, so that you can enjoy playing in full speed and without problems. All options are handled by Turbo MAME efficiently and in a way that you won't ever have to worry about the technical stuff.

Turbo MAME works with any of the Windows command line versions of MAME and also with mameUI.

  • Real Full Screen view
  • Extremely friendly user interface
  • Input box with Drag and Drop and history
  • Quick navigation system
  • Snapshot support with intelligent image resizing
  • Handles all MAME error messages
  • Can be used as command line
  • No configuration or .ini files
  • Very small size
Download Now!
  If you have any questions, please go through the documentation file tmame.htm included in the distribution pack. You can invoke that file by pressing F1.

Developed in Visual C++ by Tasos Tzimorotas